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The Caribbean Adventure Series by Carol Ottley-Mitchell is a series of books about a group of three children and a monkey who find themselves magically transported into the past. Their adventures are based in the Caribbean and the trips take them to places rich in history and interest.

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The second book in the series is based at Port Royal in Jamaica and features the infamous pirate, Henry Morgan. The book includes the characters that we got to know in Adventure at Brimstone Hill, Mark, Kyle and Ingrid, modern day West Indian children, and their pet monkey, who are transported magically to the 17th century. They then become a part of one of Henry Morgan’s most spectacular adventures.

Pirates at Port Royal is illustrated by Ann-Catherine Loo.

In the first book, Adventure at Brimstone Hill, our readers join Mark and Ingrid on their first magical adventure as they follow a mischievous monkey through a secret passage at the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park in St. Kitts. They find themselves transported to the 18th century, captured as spies and thrown into a fierce battle between the British and the French for this famous fort. Read more
Adventure at Brimstone Hill is illustrated by Ann-Catherine Loo.
This series is Carol's first fictional publication. She has lived on several islands in the Caribbean and seen many parts of the world, but has always ranked Brimstone Hill as an incredible historical site. Her passion for Brimstone Hill and her love of reading, children and her Caribbean home led her to create the Caribbean Adventure Series.  Read more
Vervet Monkeys were brought to St. Kitts by the French in the 1600s when ships involved in the slave trade traveled from to the Caribbean from West Africa.

They usually have greenish-brown coats with white undersides and white fur on their brows and cheeks. They have bluish skin on their abdomens.

They currently outnumber the population of St. Kitts, some say 2 to 1.

They are intelligent animals. Some people keep them as pets. Others consider them pests because of their wanton destruction of crops on the island.
  Photo by Dillet Isaac copyright 2008.
  Reproduced with permission.

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