Short Stories

Chee Chee's Adventures; Sea Scapes; Adventures in Ghana; Christmas 2010

Chee Chee's Adventures

This is a four part series that tells us lots more about Chee Chee and how he and Mark became friends.

Story 1: Chee Chee in Paradise video produced by Vida Rawlins, ZIZ St. Kitts. (PDF)

Story 2: Chee Chee's Big Plan (PDF)

Sea Scapes

Join some interesting sea creatures on their adventures.

Story 1: Sam's Cleaning Station (PDF)
Story 2: The Bandit Sea Krait (coming January 4, 2011)

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Christmas 2010

Story 1: The Center of Christmas (PDF)
Story 2: From the Mouth of a Babe (PDF)

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Adventures in Ghana

Read stories about Ghana and their vibrant folklore.

Story 1: Waiting to be king (PDF)

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